Wanna Know The Questions I Often Get Asked…?

Please Read Our Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q. Why should we choose Samantha Roxy...?

A. I value repeat business. Other "National" companies who advertise in our area offer pictures of models who they claim will be your entertainer when in fact, that person is just a model or lives thousands of miles away. They don't care who they send as long as they get their money and you're stuck with "whatever" shows up at your door.

Q. Does the fee cover everything...?

A. Yes, the fee is for the dancer(s) and the show, but tipping is definitely encouraged. Tipping shows that you appreciate the dancer(s). The more you tip, the more fun and wild the show will be. *** Be wary of advertised prices!! Generally, other companies will add travel fees or charge for lap dances after booking is made! Samantha Roxy does not believe in such scandalous practices! ***

Q. Do I need to provide anything...?

A. No, the dancer(s) bring everything with them.

Q. If we ask them to stay, will the dancer(s) hang out afterward...?

A. Yes, depending on their schedules.

Q. Do you dance in public places like bars and restaurants...?

A. Absolutely! In fact, some of our most memorable parties have been at bars. However, we strongly suggest you ask permission from the owner or manager prior to the beginning of the performance. It would be unfortunate if, at the last minute, the manager informs your party we're not allowed to perform. If you're unsure of a location for your party, don't worry! We have dozens of recommendations to offer you.

Q. Does the dancer get completely naked...?

A. Generally they do unless the situation does not call for it. For example, if they are in a public place, someone is under 18, or the comfort level of the crowd does not permit it.

Q. What does the show consist of...?

  1. The dancer will do seductive striptease focusing their attention on the bachelor (or guest or honor).
  2. The dancer will do a sensual lap dance and some fun play with the bachelor such as taking off his shirt, getting him down on the floor, playful spanking, etc. This may vary depending on the comfort level of the bachelor or crowd.
  3. The last part of the show consists of more interaction with the bachelor and crowd and some tricks. This may include flips onto the bachelor and body shots. 

Q. Will the dancer do "extras" or have real sex with the guest of honor..?

A. No. Our main goal is to entertain the audience. Remember we are Exotic Dancers, not escorts. However, we do like to have fun!! And so will you! We DO NOT provide any sexual services!

Q. What is your Cancellation policy...?

A. We make a living entertaining for parties like yours. Please give 48 hrs notice for any cancellations. THX!

Q. What areas do you cover...?

A. We cover a large area in Northwest Ohio including Put in Bay, Ohio and Michigan.

Q. Do you work for any other Ohio or Michigan Male or Female Stripper Company...?

A. No. I work exclusively for Samantha Roxy and Exposed Entertainment.

Q. Why are other companies so cheap...?

A. They have hidden fees and additional charges that won’t be brought to your attention until the time of the party. Don't get scammed by FAKE pics and false promises!
*We are not responsible for accidents or damages to property.
Why Hire Me for Your Next Event?
What you get with Me:
  • - My pics are REAL
  • - Guaranteed time slots
  • - No hidden Fees
  • - Professional Female Stripper
  • - Values Repeat Business
  • - Guaranteed to be there
Google 5 Star Customer Rating
What you get with Them:
  • - FAKE pics, FAKE pics FAKE pics!!
  • - 2/3 songs & ask for more money.
  • - Hidden Fees/Additional Fees
  • - Amateur with no experience
  • - Looking to make a quick buck
  • - Known for “no shows"